The Ladyslipper Collection

Gary Thomas and Ron Wallace

Music composed by: Sherry Wohlers Ladig
Special Thanks to:
Don Ladig: Cover Artwork
Tak Tang: Music Copyist (original edition)
RSCDS-Twin Cities Branch

Revised and reprinted 2021, 2006
Original © 1988


Little Dither on the Marsh Medley 16 S/16 R, 2 cpl
Sterling of Caulder Hornpipe 32, 3 cpl
Thistledown Jig Jig 40, 3 facing 3 round the room
Turning Point Reel 32, 2 cpl
The Country Wife’s Ball Medley 16 S/16 J, 2 cpl
The Tartan Hoppers Jig 32, 2 cpl
The Great Spirit’s Voice Strathspey 32, 2 cpl
Wee Swelchie Strathspey 32, 4 cpl
The Silverhaired Dancer Waltz Quadrille, 4 cpl square
Asilomar Strathspey 32, 4 cpl
Powderhorn Park Reel 40, 4 cpl
The True North Reel 40, 2 cpl round the room
Roberta Riegel Jig 32, 2 cpl

Browneyed Lad Slow Air
F.C. Winston Slow Air

Notes on the Music

About the Cover:

The Showy Ladyslipper is the Minnesota State Flower.

Please note that in all cases in the music, the letters in parentheses indicate the bass note (inversion) of the preceding chord.

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