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Extract from “Scottish Country Dancer”, No. 34 April 2022, RSCDS

Air for Stephanie
solo 4/4 air

For Stephanie Chalmers, ‘Air for Stephanie’ is a challenging slow piece to the tune ‘Miss Stephanie Chalmers’ by Gary Thomas.

4 Women 4/4 air

A slow dance with an added ballet flavor for 4 women written to the tune ‘Amicitia’ by Ron Wallace.

Blessington Maid
solo  waltz and slip jig

Devised for Carmen Anderson, she couldn’t decide which tune she liked best, ‘Blessington Maid’ or ‘Far Awa’ Wedding’, so we used both!

solo slow Scotch Measure

Another beautiful Elizabeth Miller dance to a very old tune from James Oswald, ‘She Rose and Let Me In’!

Down the Burn
solo slow hornpipe

This slow hornpipe is danced to ‘Down the Burn Davie Lad’ and ‘The Town Crier’. Trebles required! For Amanda Rawlings.

solo waltz

Gary Thomas wrote this beautiful tune which matches the dance perfectly! For Sharon Barker and her mother Freda Osborne in Calgary, Alberta.

Highland Blossom
solo strathspey, slip jig, reel

Keith Smith wrote these tunes to honor Mrs. Atsuko Clement, a lovely step dancer and teacher!

James Douglas Carr
solo highland Scotch Measure

This tune by Gary Thomas accompanies the highland style dance, both devised for the lad, now man, of the same name!

The K’nocker
solo woman slow jig

The name is the nickname for folk from Portknockie in the northeast of Scotland, Margaret Mackie Zadworny’s home, for whom the dance was devised. Two tunes from the Angus Fraser Collection of Gaelic Airs, ‘I see the Deer in the Mountain Pass’ and ‘My sprightly brown maid’, are the inspiration.

Leaving Port Askaig
solo highland 6/8 pipe march

The pipe tune with the same name inspired this dance which is dedicated to my sister Linda who was my first piping teacher.

Mother’s Garden
solo 3/2 hornpipe

‘The Presbyterian Hornpipe’ was the inspiration for this dance dedicated to Arlis Wallace, my mother and first dance teacher.

On the Green
solo slow Scotch Measure

Elizabeth Miller took ‘Polwart on the Green’, an early 18th Century tune, and turned it into a lovely dance.

Toot Your Own Horn
solo highland slow reel

Don’t be deceived by the label ‘slow reel’, ‘Toot your Own Horn’ is packed with tricky movements and lots of leaps! ‘Tubat’ by Ron Wallace is the tune.

A Tribute to Joyce
solo     retreat march/waltz

This beautiful dance is the collaboration of the dancers in Phyllis MacCulloch’s step dance class in Ottawa. The tune is ‘My Home Town’ written by P/M John MacLellan.

When Are You Coming East?
solo   6/8 pipe march

Katherine Giacoletti and Kathy Clark co-devised this dance which is a spritely happy dance to the happy tune ‘Mr. Morison, Bognie’.

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