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Mairi’s Wedding
solo 4/4

Though popularly known as a Scottish Country dance, this solo dance was collected by Janet MacLauchlan in 1954.  The ‘Lewis Bridal Song’ is a traditional air from the Hebrides and makes great dancing!

McKenzie of Seaforth
highland sixsome strathspey

Meg Mackie
duet waltz

Merry Meghan
solo 6/8

An easy dance ideal for those just starting to learn Scottish step dance, it is also suitable for creating easy patterns using more than one dancer.  This dance was devised by Cheryl MacDonald from Vancouver (?) B.C.  We use ‘Burnt Tattie’ for this dance.

Millennium II
highland solo 4/4

In a competition for new highland dances to celebrate the new millennium, this gem was one of three winners, with enough twists to make it challenging.  ‘Wagoner’ is the tune.

Miller’s Fancy
ladies solo 4/4

Elizabeth Miller of Seattle, Washington devised this step dance to the tune ‘Katherine Oggie’ from a 1680 manuscript.

Miss Forbes
ladies solo air

Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe
ladies solo hornpipe

Collect by Joan and Tom Flett, this Hornpipe requires some fancy footwork.  The tune is ‘Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe’.

Miss Rowan Davies
ladies solo waltz

My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet
highland solo march

New Claret
duet slip jig/reel/slip jig

Over the Water to Charlie
solo jig

The Peaceful Maiden
ladies solo air/retreat march

Petronella quartet
slow reel

Not your average country dance, this is a hardshoe version for two couples that is sure to test your clarity of steps.  The tunes are ‘Petronella’ and ‘Persian Dance’.

Piper in the Meadow
ladies solo air

Salute to McNab
highland solo march

This magnificent solo sword dance requires strength and precision.  The tunes are ‘Johnnie Cope’ and ‘Come Let Us Dance and Sing’.

Scully’s Reel
solo hardshoe, slow hornpipe

Shetland Reel
8 hardshoe reel

As the name implies, this delightful dance from Shetland incorporates hardshoe dancing with country dance figures, a reel crowd pleaser.  The tunes are ‘Da Ferry Reel’, ‘Spootiskerry’ and ‘Willaffjord’.

solo hardshoe, slow reel

Another hardshoe dance, this can be done by a soloist, or add spice by dancing it as a mirrored duet.  The tune is ‘Jean’s Reel’.

Tulloch Gorm
highland solo strathspey

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