Dancers Dream Disc 1

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Banks of the Lossie
solo 9/8 retreat

This lovely and lively step dance was devised by Margaret Zadworny.  The tunes are 9/8 retreat marches:  ‘Banks of the Lossie’, ‘Archie McKinley’ and ‘The Black Isle’.

Blue Bonnets
solo 6/8

This is a popular traditional beginner step dance.  The tune is called ‘All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border’ or ‘Blue Bonnets’.

Blue Bonnets
ladies solo 4/4

This version of ‘Blue Bonnets’ is danced to an air and is quite challenging!  The tunes are ‘Blue Bonnets over the Border’ and ‘Miss Margaret Brander’

Burning the Piper’s Hut
ladies solo air

Caller Herrin
ladies solo 4/4

Caller Herrin is a traditional dance depicting a Fishwife and danced to a tune of the same name.

Calliope House
quartet jig

This rousing dance was devised by Ron Wallace and Gary Thomas in 2003.  The tunes are ‘Calliope House’ and ‘Cowboy Jig’.

Cockney Jocks
highland solo 4/4

‘Cockney Jocks’ requires stamina and strength and is geared toward the more experienced highland dancer.  It was devised in 1976 by Colin Robertson to the tune of the same name composed by Pipe Sergeant Johnny Haynes of the Pride of Murray Pipe Band.

Come Ashore Jolly Tar
solo hornpipe

‘Come Ashore Jolly Tar’ was devised by Derek Haynes around 1975 to the tune ‘Come Ashore Jolly Tar’ originally from Aird’s Selection, 1982.

Dancer’s Delight
highland, solo march

A Dancer’s Dream
solo air/slip jig/retreat march/reel

A Favourite of the Ladies
quartet polka

The First of August
solo hardshoe, slow hornpipe

The Flowers of Edinburgh
solo hardshoe slow reel

This hardshoe tradition hails from the west coast of Scotland and is set to the perennial favorites ‘The Flowers of Edinburgh’ and ‘The Lass of Paties Mill’.

Hielan’ Laddie
highland solo march

Jo’s Delight
solo march

The King of Sweden
ladies solo air

Kismul Castle Hebridean
solo 2/4 march

‘Kismul Castle’ tells a story of a journey by boat to an island to attend a party.  The tune for the dance is ‘Father John MacMillan of Barra’.

Ladies of Clan MacKay
ladies quartet reel

In 1986, Margaret Zadworny devised ‘Ladies of Clan MacKay’, a reel for four women in a square formation.  The tune ‘Bratach Bana’ makes it very lively and energetic!

Lassie’s Farewell
solo jig/strathspey/reel

ladies solo 9/8 slip jig

This well-known dance usually known as ‘The Scottish Lilt’, has become a mainstay of competitive highland/step dancing.  Often ‘The Battle of the Somme’ or other 9/8 retreat marches are used for this dance.  The dance calls for ‘Drops of Brandy’ or like 9/8 slip jigs.  We have used a medley of slip jigs here:  ‘Drops of Brandy’, ‘Old Dutch Churn’, ‘Three Good Fellows Down in Yon Glen’, and ‘Woo’d Married and a’’.  

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