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Scottish dance and music in highland, step dance, Cape Breton step, country dance and piping

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Did you know there are over 500 Scottish step dances that have been created over the centuries? As with any genre, some have stood the test of time while others have drifted into the unknown, and others wait to be created and discovered. We hope with our small contribution to the Scottish dance world that our non-profit organization will provide a much needed resource for dancers and teachers alike.

During the recent pandemic, we initiated and sponsored a monthly Zoom Scottish step dance workshop with an international cast of teachers and participants. It was very well received and many of the dances taught have already been included in performances.
The organization is not limited to just step dances, but will include other dance styles, music, and research sources relating to the rich Scottish culture.

We hope you find this website useful and informative. Happy dancing!

The Dance

A world of beauty and strength

current Events/Classes

May 2023

Monthly Zoom Step – May 21, 11:30 am PDT

with Helen Russell

June 2023

Monthly Zoom Step – June 25, 11:30 am PDT

with David and Catherine Queen


No Zoom classes in July and August – Will resume in September


Monday Classes

Private Piping Lessons – Rohnert Park – 9:00-2:00

Santa Rosa Scottish – 7:00-9:30 – Monroe Hall – 1400 West College (SCD)

Tuesday Classes

Private Piping Lessons – Rohnert Park – 8:00 – 2:00

Experienced Highland – Rohnert Park – 2:00-3:15

Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers – San Pablo – 7:30-9:30 (SCD)

Book / CDs


The Thomas/Wallace Collection

Over 100 tunes composed by Gary Thomas and Ron Wallace

Music for Scottish Country Dancing, English Country Dancing, Waltzes, Airs and More

Hard Copy $50 (including shipping cost) or Digital Download $40)

Give It a Whirl

Twenty nine new dances by Gary Thomas and Ron Wallace

With music by Gary Thomas, Ron Wallace, Jared Bailey, James Gray and Muriel Johnstone

Digital Download only $35

Dances devised By

Gary Thomas & Ron Wallace

Dances devised By

Gary Thomas & Ron Wallace

Dances Devised By

Gary Thomas & Ron Wallace

Coming Soon

A book of dances for children

A book of dances by Ron & Gary, with music


Ron and Gary have contributed a giant share to the magic, lore, history, and performance of Scottish Dancing in its many forms and I am honoured to know them.

Elizabeth Miller

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